Small Batch Basics: Gingerbread Cookies

Small Batch Gingerbread Cookies - a classic recipe scaled down to 1 dozen

  Given the option, I would probably pick a sugar cookie over a gingerbread cookie. I love the homey spice of gingerbread, but they're usually crispier and definitely don't have as much frosting. Even so, there's just something about the smell of the spices that's so nostalgic … [Read more...]

Snowman Cream Puffs

Snowman Cream Puffs | Yes to Yum

I'm not one to crave those bedazzled dessert recipes that combine THIS candy and THAT candy, frosted with this popular thing or that; I'd rather spend my time with classic desserts. With that said, classic doesn't have to mean boring! One of my favorite things to do is innovate … [Read more...]

Printable Calendar of the Month

Free Printable Calendar of the Month | Yes to Yum

Happy Tuesday! Usually it's happy Monday, but December snuck up on me a little bit. I love having a break for Thanksgiving, but almost always return to a mountain of work for me when I get back! If you're busy like me this time of year, this month's (2 days late) calendar will … [Read more...]

Mini Pumpkin Pie

Mini Pumpkin Pie | Yes to Yum

There are some desserts that are so specific to one event or time that it seems like it should be against the law to make them outside of that timeframe. Take pumpkin pie, for example. Maybe it's just me, but pumpkin pie seems like it's reserved for one day only. Why is that? I … [Read more...]

Baking Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

Baking Tips and Tricks for the Holidays - a roundup of my favorite tips around the web

One of my favorite things is finding  better, more efficient ways to go about my day and make my life easier. I recently started a Baking Tips Pinterest board and thought it would be fun to compile a few of my favorite tips that will help you get through the holiday … [Read more...]