Mini Pumpkin Pie

Mini Pumpkin Pie | Yes to Yum

There are some desserts that are so specific to one event or time that it seems like it should be against the law to make them outside of that timeframe. Take pumpkin pie, for example. Maybe it's just me, but pumpkin pie seems like it's reserved for one day only. Why is that? I … [Read more...]

Baking Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

Baking Tips and Tricks for the Holidays - a roundup of my favorite tips around the web

One of my favorite things is finding  better, more efficient ways to go about my day and make my life easier. I recently started a Baking Tips Pinterest board and thought it would be fun to compile a few of my favorite tips that will help you get through the holiday … [Read more...]

My Favorite Drop Biscuits

My Favorite Drop Biscuits - a recipe for a half a dozen easy-to-make biscuits

I don't know about you, but weekends are for big breakfasts. Things that require more than 30 seconds to make and grab on the way out the door, to be exact. Things like biscuits and gravy. Now, I don't have a recipe for biscuits AND gravy for you today. Just biscuits. And while I … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

One Dozen Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

  I hate to say that I've lived in my new house for over two weeks and my oven hasn't seen one single batch of cookies. Until today, that is. This morning I threw together some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and promptly ate one for a late breakfast. Rainy days are perfect … [Read more...]

One Dozen Pecan Pie Tarts

One Dozen Pecan Pie Tarts - bite size and delicious!

Up until recently, I was never a huge fan of pecan or pumpkin pie; I always chose apple pie over everything else. I've come to appreciate the lovely autumn flavors of both pecan and pumpkin pie and look forward to thanksgiving so I can have them all!  Today I'm sharing a … [Read more...]